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our family is touched by the amount of love and support coming to us via Facebook for Luke.  If you have not seen his prayer event you can find it here Yesterday we made the decision to give Elecare a try.  Elecare is a medical, amino acid formula.  It does contain corn so we fear that Luke may have a reaction but at this point we are desperate.  Yesterday Luke was given the diagnossis of failure to thrive which was devastating for us.  As pro breastfeeding and crunchy as I am I feel that I need to do the best thing for our son and hopefully this will be the answer to we need for him.  Luke had a rough night last night waking up almost every hour screaming.  His stomach is so upset all of the time. We are praying for answers.


This blog used to be about cooking.  It contained details of all the delicious meals that I would make for myself and for my husband and it was very popular.  After my son was born I stopped blogging and disappeared from the blogging community.  Up until this point I had been using Facebook to get out my thoughts and feelings about my son’s condition but it would be easier to use my blog so here it goes.

Our Story:

Luke was born in July of 2011 and he was an angel.  He was so beautiful and we loved him more than life itself.  When Luke was a few weeks old he would not stop projectile vomitting.  This was not “spit up”  it was exorcist style vomit.  They told us that he had acid reflux and we were given zantac and sent home.  When he was two months old the vomitting had become so severe they suspected he had pyloric stenosis so we were sent for an emergency ultrasound and told that if he did have pyloric stenosis he would require emergency surgery to correct it.  Well he did not have pyloric stenosis so we were once again left without answers.  At this point they thought my son had colic and acid reflux.  About a month later we got a referral to see a gastroenterologist.  His office said it would be 3 months before we could see him.  I called every day for a week and finally they agreed to see him.  He suspected a milk and soy protein allergy but wanted to do an endoscopy to make sure that Luke’s sphincter was closing properly.  Everything went fine with the endoscopy so I was put on a restricted diet because I was breastfeeding.  Luke is now 7.5 months old.  In the past 5 weeks he has gone down from the 45th percentile to the 25th.  His vomitting has become so severe that he has been hospitilized twice in the past months and has had additional ER visits.  We see some form of doctor for him at least once a week.  We recently got the diagnosis of FPIES and it has been a long road.  Luke can not eat any sold foods anymore and he reacts to foods that he is intolerent to through my breastmilk so I am on an extremely restricted diet.  Luke is FPIES to dairy, soy, pears, corn , carrots, taro, beef, turkey, rice and bananas.  We are currently awaiting a referral to The Children’s Hospital of Philedelphia in hopes of seeing a doctor who specializes in FPIES.  We are located in Hawaii and most doctors have never heard of FPIES let alone treated a child with this condition.

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Welcome Everyone! I'm Alicia and I am a military wife currently living in Hawaii. I LOVE cooking and everything it involves :D This blog is here to show you that you can make AMAZING food in your own house :) For much less money than what you would pay if you went out at a restaurant. I hope you enjoy the recipes!

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