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3/9/2012 Update

Posted on: March 9, 2012

our family is touched by the amount of love and support coming to us via Facebook for Luke.  If you have not seen his prayer event you can find it here Yesterday we made the decision to give Elecare a try.  Elecare is a medical, amino acid formula.  It does contain corn so we fear that Luke may have a reaction but at this point we are desperate.  Yesterday Luke was given the diagnossis of failure to thrive which was devastating for us.  As pro breastfeeding and crunchy as I am I feel that I need to do the best thing for our son and hopefully this will be the answer to we need for him.  Luke had a rough night last night waking up almost every hour screaming.  His stomach is so upset all of the time. We are praying for answers.


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I was led to your blog today through our Church’s prayer website. Just so you know, all the way in Beaufort, SC, we are praying for baby Luke. My daughter, Zella, has FPIES. I was in tears today as your blog brought back so many memories of our journey with her FPIES. Her story is almost identical to Lukes. Everything from the reflux and colic and vomiting and testing, etc. She too was diagnosed with failure to thrive. I want you to know that there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel. She’s 2 now, and thriving. Elecare was the beginning of answers for us. After she was still reacting with Elecare, our specialist decided that maybe her FPIES was so sensitive that she would even react to a formula that was manufactured in a plant that also manufactured other formulas that included proteins, soy, dairy, etc. Our last hope was Neocate. I can’t tell you enough what a miracle that formula was for us. Neocate is, from what I learned a year ago, the only hypoallergenic formula made in its own plant. It allowed Zella’s tummy to heal long enough for us to start food. One type of fruit every two weeks. At 18 months, it wasn’t a lot, but it was something. She still reacts very very badly to peas and sweet potatoes. She has skin breakouts and diaper rash that mimics blisters from certain dairy. We may have to watch what she eats and watch her reactions to everything very closely now, but it’s amazing to the alternative. Just before we found our specialist, he actually found us (totally GOD!), we had Zella annointed with oil and prayed over. God is truly the Great Physician. Here, in Beaufort, SC tonight, our family is praying for baby Luke. Praying for the same healing and rest that He gave my Zella. God bless you and baby Luke.

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