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7 Layer Dip

Posted on: February 1, 2010

This is an all time favorite of my husband and his friends.  This dip definitely does not last long in my house and I doubt it will last long in yours either. One of the best parts about this dip is that it is simple to make!

Sour Cream
Refried Beans
Sliced Olives
Chopped Tomatoes
Salsa (store bought or homemade)
Shredded Chedder Cheese

All you need to do for this dip is layer everything in a large bowl.  I didn’t list exact quantities because you need you eyeball it based on how many people you are feeding and how large your bowl is.  I always do the refried beans on the bottom, then the guac, next the salsa and then the sour cream. I top it with the olives, tomatoes, and shredded chedder cheese.  It won’t look very pretty (while you are making it some of the layer may mush together & that’s okay!) I try to make each layer about 2 inches thick if that helps!


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