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Dill Pickles- MUCH better than store bought!

Posted on: January 31, 2010

My husband and I made these pickles about 2 nights ago.  They have to sit for a full 48 hours before you eat them but the longer they sit the more flavor they will absorb. 

6 cups water
12 Tablespoons white vinegar
6 Tablespoons KOSHER salt( do not use regular salt!)
minced garlic (i used about a tablespoon for each large jar)
fresh dill (about 1/2 cup for each jar)
cucumbers-cut into spears (I used 1 1/2 large cucumbers for each of my large jars) 
In a large pitcher combine the water, vinegar and kosher salt.  Stir continuously until the salt is Completely dissolved.   Now you are going to prepare the jar(s).  In the bottom of each jar put some fresh dill (about 1/8 cup packed). Once the dill is in place fill in your first layer of cucumbers (or your only layer if your jars are smaller than mine). On top of the first layer you are going to put more dill and then another layer of cucumbers.  Finally you are going to fill the jar to the top with the salt/vinegar water you prepared making sure that the pickles are completly submerged.  Once this is finished add the minced garlic and close the jar.  You do not need to seal it like you would for canning.  Just put the jar in your refridgerator and let it sit for 48 hours & ENJOY!
note: use fresh peeled garlic and fresh dill or it won’t taste as good 🙂

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